Fire Safety in the Home Top Tips

If a fire starts in your home, the best people to deal with it are the local fire brigade. However, there are, of course, some things you can do for yourself to minimise the risk of a fire breaking out at home in the first place.

Electrical and Electronic Devices

Everyone loves their electrical and electronic devices - many would be lost without them - but it pays to be vigilant and ensure that your devices are working properly and used safely:

  • If you see burn marks on a socket in your home, or the socket feels hot, get a registered electrician in to check them
  • Turn off unused electrical equipment - fires can easily catch you unawares when you're asleep - how often do you leave your mobile phone charger cable plugged in and turned on when you leave the house in the morning? Avoiding this can reduce your fire risk in the home tremendously
  • Notice wear and tear signs, especially fraying, on cables, and don't use them until they have been replaced
  • If the plug on a device is loose, don't use it until it has been fixed or replaced
  • Hairdryers, straighteners and tongs can get extremely hot in use - when you're finished with them, ensure that you not only turn them off, but you also put them on a non-flammable surface until they have cooled down to avoid them catching flammable fabrics etc alight

Other Simple Steps

There are other simple things you can do to ensure a high standard of fire safety in the home:

  • If you have a need to plug in several appliances in one place, it's far safer to have more sockets installed than use adapters. An adapter is often equipped to take far more appliances than you can safely plug in at once. It will usually be rated 13 AMP but often people plug in appliances that total more than 13 AMPs and this carries a high risk of fire.
  • Electric heaters must be kept away from curtains and furniture, and must never be used to dry clothes on.
  • The same applies to the air vents you find on storage heaters or fan heaters - they will overheat when blocked off or covered up and can easily catch light once they have overheated.
  • If your fusebox is in a cupboard with additional storage capacity, do not store combustible items like clothing, papers, or cleaning liquids etc in the same place.
  • Fit a smoke alarm. If you already have one, do you know how to maintain it, and do you test it often? A smoke alarm will give you and your family enough time to get out of your house before anyone gets serious hurt or worse.

Precautions for the Kitchen

Unfortunately, whilst also a source of comfort and potentially great times and good food, Kitchens are also at risk from fire more than many other parts of your house. Taking a few precautions will reduce the risk of fire in the Kitchen significantly:

  • Leads should never be allowed to trail across your cooker
  • Towels should not be allowed to dry on, or even near, the cooker
  • If your cooker has a grill pan, be sure it clean it out regularly to avoid fat or grease build-up
  • Turn off the cooker once you've finished cooking

How Aberdeen Alarm Company Can Help

Aberdeen Alarm Company can supply you with a fire blanket for emergency use in the Kitchen if you would like that extra peace of mind.

We can install interlinked mains smoke detectors, heat detectors and CO detectors, and fire extinguishers.

In addition, we can also provide electrical installation testing through one of our electrical contractor partners.

Get in touch for further information and a quote.

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