Commercial and Industrial Fire Safety

Where it comes to Fire Safety in Commercial and Industrial premises, there is an oft quoted statistic that suggests that 80% of businesses never completely recover from fire damage.

An interesting article considering sources for this commonly held belief was posted on LinkedIn last year. It's not clear whether the statistic can be traced to any particular source, nor whether it can be well backed-up. The question really is - why would you want to take the risk. Complacency is never a good standpoint and it's fair to say that, just because you haven't had a problem before, that you never will. Here's a list of considerations for business fire safety. Aberdeen Alarm Company can help with many aspects of fire safety. Get in touch to discuss your company's current position today.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments seem to top many a list at work these days, but surely the importance of a risk assessment of your current fire safety arrangements should be high up that list? Through this you can ensure fire hazards are identified and whether any staff or visitors are at risk. They can also help you pin down best practice in your workplace should a fire break out.

Day to Day

  • Keep walkways and emergency exits clear and fire prevention equipment fully accessible.
  • Securely store products and liquids that are high risk to minimise the risk of accident or injury, and make sure that chemicals are stored in a secure area with good ventilation. 

Planning Ahead

Properly Trained Employees

Ensure your employees know everything they should about maintaining fire safety in a workplace environment. Every employee should know how to raise an alarm, what the company procedures are for making sure everyone gets out safely, and where fire-fighting equipment is kept. This training can prevent incidents that do break out from turning out more serious.

A Regular Fire Drill

Regular fire drills help reinforce training and get people into the practice of what to do and where to go so that they manage this more smoothly should the need ever arise.

Fire Wardens

Having someone, or several people, whose responsibility it is to create and enforce your company's fire safety plans, and who will ensure that everyone's training is kept up-to-date will mean that things run much more smoothly and safety is more assured.

Fire Exits and Fire Doors

Keeping Fire Exits and Fire Doors clear can be a full-time job but, with proper staff training, this should be easily achievable. Fire doors not only need to be kept clear but they must also be kept closed to ensure legal compliance and as part of your fire prevention measures. Clear labelling of fire escape routes, and good lighting are also very important and should form a vital part of your long term plans to keep your workplace safe.

Early Detection Measures

Any smoke detectors and fire alarms installed must be regularly tested in order for you to be sure that they will give your employees and visitors the early warning that guarantees the least risk. Ideally you should have one fire extinguisher per 200 square metres of floor space and at least one on each floor of the premises. They should be included in the list of regular checks to keep them fully charged and ready for use.

Aberdeen Alarm Company is able to help you by providing advice, carrying out site surveys, supplying and fitting all fire safety and fire prevention equipment you need. We post regularly on this blog, our Facebook page and our LinkedIn company page about our work. We also attend shows around the country where you can talk to us face-to-face about your fire safety concerns and examine various pieces of the kit we regularly install. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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