Coolest Ways To Dealing With an Angry Guest

We’ve all been there before. For every 50 guests you’ve served with your most professional courtesy, there’s always that one customer for whom the best is not good enough. Sometimes irritable, other times irrational, angry customers are a par for the course in the hotel business. It is always standard to wear a smile and be friendly as you interact with customers.

The politeness and courteousness you exude as they grace your establishment is something they register in their subconscious as they rate your hotel. But this is all the more accentuated when they see you dealing with a grumpy guest who is angry about a service that falls below their expectations.

There is no doubt dealing with an “unplacatable” guest can be a daunting task, that is why we have brought this tips to keep you well-grounded for the day when Mr. and Mrs. Doomsday arrive at your lobby.

  1. Do not lose your cool

A guest is screaming unprintable obscenities that would make your dead grandmother do a backflip on her grave, and what do you do? I’ll tell you what not to do – don’t flip your lid. Flipping your lid will only exacerbate matters rather than de-escalate it. The customer is king, and guests always feel they are in the right even when they are not, so it’s best you remain polite.

You need to always remind yourself you work in the hospitality business and it’s your professional obligation to always assist the customer. The most efficient way to do this is to express your regrets and empathize with them for the situation they’re facing.

This will douse the flames of discontent and ensure the unpleasantness is not blown into a bigger proportion. In most instances the issue is usually resolved when you immediately apologize for the wrong – real or imaginary, committed and this is the most effective way to deal with an unhappy customer.

  1. It’s not personal – Don’t make it

An angry guest has an entitlement mentally. They expect a service because they believe they deserve it. And when they don’t get it, there’s a chance they make throw insults at you and act improperly.

This barbs thrown at you may go beyond skin deep. It’s important for you not to take insults and abuse thrown at you to heart. Many guests come and go but the way you handle a situation will live with your professional life if you take things personally and throw one back at the guest.

  1. Appraise the facts ASAP.

A furious customer is likelier than not to be “seeing red” and as a consequence of that may not be clear with the reasons for the anger. This is because they are not in full control of their emotions.

After calming down, it is imperative for you to get a handle on the situation by asking questions to collate and evaluate the facts on the situation. This will give you a more reliable means of solving the problem faster and more efficiently.

  1. Take action

If you think the situation can be resolved, take action. You do this by working with the guest to an amicable solution to the problem. If the resolution of the matter is beyond your realm of capability, you are allowed to escalate the issue to an employee who has the authority to deal with the situation.

  1. Equity

While dealing with an enraged customer always have a sense of equity. If you believe the hotel is culpable, make sure the guest is adequately compensated accordingly. This will help you turn an angry guest who might never step foot in your establishment again, to a returning guest who’ll spread the message of how they were treated fairly by you and guess what?

You just might have more guests booking your establishment on the basis of how you treated a disgruntled customer.